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Jeevan Asha Yojana' Initiative By Lodha Foundation

According to all the information collected from the Indian Council of Medical Research, Jeevan Asha yojana by Lodha foundation is set to be a non-profit and secular organization based in Thane. The foundation aims to offer education, nutrition and primary healthcare to the underprivileged in Thane, Mumbai and across. The foundation was a dream that was turned into a reality that provides hope and acts as a light at the end of the tunnel by serving the underprivileged community through various different initiatives. About 13 disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Thane and one rural region in the state of Odisha are serviced by Asha. Social welfare, education and health care are the main areas of work. Health care and medical resources are very much necessary for living a good, but there are tons of people suffering from diseases and illnesses.

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