G. K. N. Memorial Hospital

The primary aim/mission of the hospital is to provide compassionate, patient-centered treatment. Make use of technology to assist cancer patients. All healthcare providers' knowledge, abilities, and attitudes should be updated on a regular basis. Create a clean, safe, well-organized, and upbeat environment in the hospital. Develop and retain compassionate, motivated, receptive, focused, and adaptable employees. Establish and implement "quality improvement" policies throughout GKNMH processes, systems, functions, and activities. To be an institution that provides effective charitable services to the economically challenged sectors of the association and to be the preferred destination of charity for contributors makes research and innovation an intrinsic element of the organization. Service standards, values, and behaviors Empathy and compassion are two words that come to mind. Courtesy and respect are expected. Possessing a sense of responsibility and ownership.


Individuals having an annual income of less than Rs.72,000/- are eligible. In addition to the preceding, the hospital offers discounts to deserving patients to assist cancer patients, as its motto is "Humane Healthcare."

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